Corporate Sponsors (And Olympic Deals)

The corporate sponsors were inescapable during the Games.

Tube Station

Coca Cola, anyone?

Not just in advertising, but in advertising for advertising — the LOCOG made sure you knew who was paying for all the pink around the city.


All your sponsors gathered in one place!

Posters were not the only methods by which corporate sponsors invaded London; the people working for them were always clearly visible.

Dressed in orange

Usually orange meant the Netherlands, except in this case! (It’s Dow Chemical)

Corporate sponsors also took advantage of their metropolitan environment with such tie-ins to Coca Cola’s “Move to the Beat” campaign as the “Beat Bus.”

"The Beat Bus"

He’s filming a commercial for “The Beat Bus”

I also came across a line of schoolchildren walking on a McDonald’s-sponsored “Mascotathon” through Hyde Park.

McDonald's Park Walk

It was pretty cute and ironic.

Finally, both the Olympic Park and the Hyde Park viewing centers had individual corporate elements such as the biggest McDonald’s in the world and a Cadbury bouncy castle, respectively.

Outside the Olympic Park

Posters outside the Olympic Park — unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures inside either venue!

However, an unintended element of the Games was the way London businesses took advantage of the situation by making allusions to the event. Getty Images was the main provider of images for news sites, so their office in Camden (I believe) was covered in Olympic “moments.”

Getty Images

Getty Images Exterior

A hotel hosting athletes from Slovenia bragged about their guests.

Hotel sign

Their loyalties were also very clear.

Olympic special deals were also the norm. The same hotel had this deal:

Olympic Deals

It was fish and chips. When I asked why that was a “special” in London, the manger replied that it was actually a London special to people coming for the Olympics. (It was pretty expensive for fish and chips…)

There were also region-specific Olympic deals:

Special Chinese restaurant deal

Special Chinese restaurant deal — the better China does, the more you get to eat.

I don’t think this next one was technically allowed, but it is the most relevant!

Workout like an Olympian

Work out like an Olympian! Hm, that sounds hard.

Finally, several bars invited patrons for Olympic viewing parties and drinking games.

Olympic Drinking Game

Special Olympic drinks

Baker Street pub

Baker Street pub

Pub near Gunnersbury

Pub near Gunnersbury

Finally, the most creative use of the rings (without actually using the rings):

Coffee Rings

Puns: the first line of defense when it comes to copyright


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