We Support the Olympics (So You Should Buy Our Stuff!!)

Olympic Sponsors

Olympic Sponsors

I don’t have cable during the school year, so I have been taking advantage of having it this summer by having the T.V. on constantly. No, I’m serious—it’s on right now. This means that I have been bombarded with Olympics-themed commercials. The companies that put out these commercials have been supporting the USOC for decades in some cases, and Tide, MasterCard, McDonalds, et al are a big part of the reason there are three state-of-the-art training centers here and so many American athletes heading to London in a few weeks. So why not put up an advertising campaign highlighting your role in the biggest sports event of the year? Here are a few of my favorites!

Okay, so I couldn’t pick one of the Visa Go World commercials because I love them all. First, props to Visa for celebrating ALL athletes—that makes me really happy! Second, you really have to work at messing up a campaign that uses Morgan Freemans’ voice. It’s also really clever how each commercial is in shades of gold. There is an entire Visa Go Olympics YouTube channel (Visa Global Cheer) with all of the commercials.


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I would recommend watching Lopez Lomong’s commercial, it is pure genius how they packed so much emotion into 30 seconds. The team behind this campaign (which is a whole social media event, complete with a Twitter hashtag #GoWorld) deserves a medal of their own. It even makes me feel a little better about the balance on my Visa credit card. Well, not really… but, you know.

Okay, who doesn’t love commercials that highlight not the athletes but their moms? It’s sweet. After a little YouTube hopping, I realized this was a trend for P&G, because they put out a similar set of commercials for the Winter 2010 Olympics. Oh, and also… emphasis on world and not USA once again!

And speaking of P&G, Tide (which falls under their umbrella) has a commercial with a catchy little line “in the Olympic Games, it’s not the color you go home with that matters, it’s the colors you came in.” I doubt Tide has much issue with where Team USA’s uniforms come from, so long as those uniforms are being washed with its detergent!

There are hundreds of other examples out there, such as Cover Girl’s Olympic commercials that highlights the women of Team USA (in their new Olmypics makeup line). There are plenty that are incredibly nationalistic (NBC’s comes to mind). Let us know your favorite/least favorite/if you think I should stop watching so much T.V.

And now that I have blatantly promoted these companies, I expect some sort of compensation. Or a free ticket to an event (gymnastics?!?) at the very least. Before your judge me, I challenge you to watch these and not feel the tiniest bit moved.