Coca Cola Is The Most Fun Corporate Sponsor

Coca Cola is the oldest continuous sponsor of the Olympic Games, and their unique advertising in connection to the Games definitely highlights that. While there are definitely a lot of problems with the corporate sponsorship of the Games, thanks to the rules of the IOC, it’s hard not to be fascinated by the “Move the Beat” campaign. Coca Cola obviously knows what it’s doing, which is probably aided by the fact that they are sold in every single country except for North Korea and Cuba. Not to mention their very visible and earwormy approach to the 2010 World Cup with K’Naan’s “Wave Your Flag.”

The fascination with Coca Cola is visible with fan photos (most of which are Instagram, which is a mystery I’ll never solve) of the colorful packaging and the cars following the Olympic Torch:


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Then there’s also the specific outreach to fans, such as the music video and song from Mark Ronson and Katy B, called “Anywhere In the World,” the beat of which was created through Tae Kwon Doe athlete María Espinoza of Mexico, archer Dayyan Jaffar of Singapore, table tennis player Darius Knight of Britain, hurdler David Oliver of the United States, and sprinter Kseniya Vdovina of Russia.

The song has a great beat, though I can’t get over the fact that the lyrics are pretty terrible (“river” doesn’t rhyme with “silver”!).

And then there’s the “Create the Beat” game they have online, where you can combine a certain sport (like “Tae Kwon Doe”) with a specific music style (like, um, “dubstep”) and create a pretty music video highlighting that sport against the beat you chose. My favorite was actually “Track & Field” with “R&B.”

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Finally, they’re going to have a TV show to capture the social atmosphere of London! All targeted to teens so they can enjoy sugary drinks to become athletes! Wait….